All the show, events, theater that I saw and will see in Japan.

Date : name of the event @venue (seat)
In Theater 1st Floor is in front of the stage. In Tokyo dome, arena is the center. In yokohama arena, center is the center (the middle of the venue).


30/04/2012 at 1PM : Takizawa Kabuki 2012 @ NissayTheater (1st Floor, Row E)

03/05/2012 at 5:30PM : Hey ! Say ! JUMP Asia First Tour 2012 @ Yokohama Arena ( Center, Block 3 )

05/05/2012 at 5:30PM : Hey ! Say ! JUMP Asia First Tour 2012 @ Yokohama Arena ( Center, Block 4 )

07/05/2012 at 6PM : Hey ! Say ! JUMP Asia First Tour 2012 @ Yokohama Arena ( Arena, Block B, Row 4(3 in real))

24/12/2012 at 5PM : Johnny's World @ Imperial Theater ( 1st Floor, Row H )

27/12/2012 at 6PM : Johnny's World @ Imperial Theater ( 1st Floor, Row E)

30/12/2012 at 6PM : Johnny's World @ Imperial Theater ( 1st Floor, Row P )

31/12/2012 at 5:30PM : Kinki Kids Concert Thank you for 15 years @ Tokyo Dome ( Stand, Gate 21, 1st Floor, Door 13, Row 15  )

31/12/2012 at 11PM : Johnny's Countdown 2012-2013 @ Tokyo Dome ( Stand, Gate 41, 3rd Floor, Door 10, Row 27)

01/01/2013 ar 12PM : Kansai Johnny's Jr. Happy new year @ Tokyo Dome City Hall ( 2nd Balcony, Door C2, Row 6)

04/01/2013 at 7PM : Kiben Hashire Meros @ Hakuhinkan Theater ( Row K )

27/07/2013 at 6PM : NEWS Live Tour 2013 @ Rugby stadium TOKYO (Gate 9, Row 6)

04/08/2013 at 1:30PM : Playzone'13 Song & Danc'N Part III @ Aoyama Theater ( 1st Floor, Row G)

09/08/2013 at 7PM : ABC Akasaka Boys Cabaret @ Akasaka ACT Theater ( 1st Floor, Row H )

11/08/2013  at 1PM : 全国ツアーHey Say JUMP @ Marine Messes Fukuoka (Stand, 2nd Floor, Block H, Row 3)

11/08/2013 at  5PM : 全国ツアーHey Say JUMP @ Marine Messes Fukuoka (Stand, 2nd Floor,  Block M, Row 4)

27/08/2013 at 11AM : Johnny's Film Festa 2013 @ Tokyo Dome City Hall ( Door R1, Arena, Row 15)

02/09/2013 at 6PM : 40カラット@Shochiku-za Theater Osaka ( 1st Floor, Row 15)

03/09/2013 at 6PM : 40カラット@Shochiku-za Theater Osaka ( 1st Floor, Row 10 )

12/10/2014 at 5PM : Hey ! Say ! JUMP S3art Live Tour 2014 @ Yokohama Arena ( Center, Block 14)

22/11/2014 at 1PM : Altar Boyz @ Shinjuku Face ( Row 12)

14/12/2014 at 12PM : Two Tops Treasure Tackey & Tsubasa Tour 2014 @ Yokohama Arena ( Stand, Block West, Row 1 )

20/12/2014 at 11:30AM : Ryoma Baba Birthday Event @ Japan Telecomunications Workers Union Hall ( Row Q )

25/12/2014 at 6:30PM : Yuki Furukawa Christmas Event @ Zepp Tokyo ( 1st Floor, Row 16 )

03/01/2015 at 4PM : Jonnhy's WEST 1st Concert 一発めぇぇぇぇぇぇぇ!@ Yokohama Arena ( Arena, Block A, Row 3 ( 1 in real )  )

25/01/2015 at 12PM : Naniwa Zamurai Dangoro Ichiza (Johnny's WEST ) @ Nissay Theater ( 2nd Floor, Row I )

08/02/2015 at 3PM : Nakayama Yuma Fan Event @ Zeep City Odaiba

22/03/2015 at 1PM : Za Shounen Club Special ( Sexy Show, For U, They Budou, Snow Man + Johnny's Jr ) @ NHK Studio

30/03/2015 at 7 PM : Fall Out Boy + New Politics @ Shinkiba Studio Coast

11/04/2015 at 1PM : Takizawa Enbujo 2015 (Yabu Kota ) @ Shinbashi Enbujo ( 3rd Floor, Row 3)

26/04/2015 at 6 PM : カラフト伯父さん (Inoo Kei ) @ Tokyo Globe za (1st Floor, Row K  )

03/05/2015 at 6 PM : Nakyama Yuma Chapter 1 歌おぜ!踊ろうぜ!YOLOぜ! TOUR @ Tokyo Dome City Hall ( Arena, Door L1, A Block )

10/05/2015 at 1PM :  カラフト伯父さん (Inoo Kei ) @ Tokyo Globe za ( 2nd Floor, Row A  )

13/06/2015 at 6PM : NEWS Live Tour WHITE 2015 @ Tokyo Dome ( Stand, 41 Gate, 3rd Floor, Door 12, Row 21)

14/06/2015 at 6PM : NEWS Live Tour WHITE 2015 @ Tokyo Dome ( Stand, 22 Gate, 1st Floor, Door 29, Row 42   )

04/07/2015 at 12:30PM : Broadway Musical " Jersey Boys  " @ Tokyu Theater Orb ( Door L1, 1st Floor, Row 3, )

05/08/2015 at 5PM : Hey ! Say ! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2015 JUMPing Carnival @ Marine Messe Fukuoka ( Stand, 1st Floor, Block A, Row 17 )

06/08/2015 at 4:30PM : Hey ! Say ! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2015 JUMPING CARNIVAL @ Marine Messe Fukuoka ( Arena, Block C3 )

15/08/2015 at 6PM : Yuzu @ Yokohama Stadium ( Stand, Aisle 17, Row P )

17/08/15 at 1:30PM : Dorian Grey no shôzô @ Shin Kokuritsu gekkijo naka gekkijo Tokyo ( 1st Floor, Row 18 )

22/08/15 at 3PM : Ykiki Beat @ Tower Record Shibuya

07/10/16 at 6PM : Hey ! Say ! JUMP Live Tour 2016 DEAR @ Yokohama Arena ( Stand, Block North , Row 8 )

12/10/16 at 4PM : GOEMON (Imai Tsubasa) @ Shimbashi enbujo ( 3rd Floor, Row 2 )

11/12/16 at 1 PM : Cross Heart ( Nakayama Yuma ) @ ZEPP Blue Theater Roppongi (Row 19)

27/12/16 at 6PM : Johnny's All Star Island @ Imperial Theater Tokyo (2nd Floor, Row A )

28/12/16 at 7PM : Rent Broadway Musical 20th anniversary @ Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall C ( 1st Floor, Row 12 )

31/12/16 at 11PM : Johnny's Countdown @ Tokyo Dome ( Stand, Gate 22, 1st Floor, Door 22, Row 19 )

01/01/17 at 12PM : Hey ! Say ! JUMP 2016-1017 DEAR @Tokyo Dome (Stand, Gate 23, 1st Floor, Door 36, Row 41)

08/01/17 at 2PM : NEW YEAR MUSICAL CONCERT 2017 @ Tokyu Orb Theater ( 1st Floor, Row 2 )

14/03/17 at 1PM : Marius (Imai Tsubasa) @ Nissay Theater (1st Floor, Row B )

22/03/17 at 7PM : Fall Out Boy @ Shin Kiba Studio Coast

23/03/17 at 7PM : Fall Out Boy @ Shin Kiba Studio Coast

13/04/17 at 6PM : Takizawa Kabuki 2017 @ Shimbashi Enbujo ( 2nd Floor, Row 1 )

16/04/17 at 1PM : Johnnys daiundokai @ Tokyo Dome ( Stand, 40 Gate, 3rd Floor, Door 11, Row 1 )

24/05/17 at 7PM : All Time Low @ Akasaka Blitz

31/05/17 at 6PM : BIG BANG FAN EVENT 2017 @ Tokyo Dome (Stand, 22 Gate 22, 1st Floor, Door 25, Row 12)

10/06/17 at 6PM : NEWS Live Tour 2017 NEVERLAND @ Tokyo Dome ( Stand, 21 Gate, 1st Floor, Door 15, Row 32)

20/07/17 at 2 PM : West Side Story @ Tokyu Orb Theater ( 1st Floor, Row 3 )

15/12/18 at 3PM : Krist & Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Japan @ Ebis 303 (Row F)

In Asia  :

01/07/2018 at 6 PM : Krist & Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore @ Kallang Theatre ( Cat A, Row C (B in real))

07/07/2013 at 1PM : Krist & Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Korea (Seoul) @ Sungshin university woonjung green campus (Cat B, Row 12)

And you ? Have you seen a Johnny's show ? How was your seat ?

Oups I completely forgot about LJ because I... have a new addiction.

Hello everyone !

My last post was almost one year ago about HSJ DEAR concert at yoko are.

I'm back in France since 2 weeks and my life didn't stop with HSJ DEAR con back in October 2016 haha

I updated my list about all the concert that I was able to attend in Japan so you can see that I went to Johnnys Countdown, DEAR con at Tokyo Dome, Johnny's Sport day, NEWS con or BIG BANG Fan event and a lot of other show johnnys or not.

Why I didn't update my LJ ? Because I fell for something else than Johnny's and was so into it, and I'm still into it * now crying because a big event is now happening and I can't go T_T*

This is THAI SERIES ! * and thai actors*

I fell in love with SOTUS thanks to a HSJ fan * TA-CHANNNN <3*

What is SOTUS ?

THAT IS SOTUS !! I tottaly fell in love with this series !!! * please watch ittttt I told to all my friends to watch it and they are all so into it now*

That was in November 2016. SOTUS ends in late January and I cried so much so I started to watch some other thai drama, Puppy honey, Love Sick, 2 moons, some U-Prince story, water boys the series, Project S... and now I'm so in love with all thai actors. It's like Johnny's but actors are allowed to : have girlfriend ( 90% of them do have), talk to you, take picture with you, hug you, have present from you, have social media account <3 They even dance and sing during fan meeting some are really really good !!
For example the 6 actors of 2 moons the series at 2 moons end of season 1 fan meeting in Bangkok :

Of course I wanted to go in Thailand but don't want to go alone, I wanted to be with someone.

Miracle do happens. I made some thai friends in june at my university and after I showed them Tokyo they told me "Come to BANGKOK" I was like "I can't come from France, too expensive, too far. "They said "Come before you go back in Europe" But it was less than 2 months before my come back to France. I said I don't know but they started showing me all the place they can take me and 2 days after I booked my flight for BKK. I have too much things to say about this trip. I was able to see 2 actors of 2 moons the series and to meet my favorite actor <3 If someone wants to read a 5 days in heaven story I will make a post later.

* That doesn't mean I'm not into Johnny's anymore but just that I took distance with it, I still love HSJ and wasn't able to go to their 10 year concert because I didn't hit for a ticket and didn't want to spend 400 dollars in a ticket. *

I'm so sorry !!!!

I'm sorry !! I'm in Japan since almost 3 months now and I didn't post anything yet.

Everything is okay here, I will just talk about concert and butai.

I went to see Hey! Say ! JUMP's DEAR concert at Yokohama Arena on October 7th. I got the ticket through my friend's membership. My seat was at the 8th row of the North Stand ( 2nd floor). But since I had an entrance under me, there were no Row 6 and 7. That means that I was able to see them from really close when they went to the second floor ( Inoo, Hikaru, Chinen, Yabu and Yamada) Yabu didn't saw me but Yamada did ( even if I had an Yabu's kanji uchiwa with a french flag on it), well he (Yamada) just looked at me in the eye and waved at me with a big smile. He did that to me at Fukuoka in 2015 as well. <3 So cute ! BUT YABU PLEASE DON'T IGNORE ME ! HAHA

Here is some pictures :

I went to see GOEMON, a Kabuki with Tsubasa in it but that was for one of my class ( Japanese traditional performing arts) so... Oh and I went to see a classical music concert with one of my friend ( in the same venue HSJ went to shoot Ainoarika's PV <3 ) and that's was so so great ! I want to go again !

From now on :

Will see Yuma in 2 weeks, but don't have my ticket yet for some reasons I need to pick it up on the day of the show at the venue. Hope everything will be okay !

My friend hit for Johnny's All Stars Island on December 27th !! We got our seat and it's a 2nd Floor 1st Row seat ! Not that bad right ?

On December 28th I will go to see RENT, an american musical ! I can't wait ! I got a 1st Floor, 12th Row seat.

I hit for Hey ! Say ! JUMP DEAR 2016-2017's concert on January 1st ( morning show). I will go with one of my japanese friend ! I don't know my seat yet but I can't wait ! I lost the ballot for december 31st though.

On January 8th I will go to see NEW YEAR MUSICAL CONCERT at Tokyu Orb Theater. They will sing all the most famous songs of american musical. Can't Wait !

I hit a ticket for Tsubasa's musical "Marius" on March 14th ( Morning show). Marius comes from a french book so I can't wait to see how they will manage to do it as a musical with japanese actors and singers.

On March 22nd and 23rd I will go to see FALL OUT  BOY in live at Shin-Kiba !! CAN'T WAIT OMGGGGG !

This morning I asked a ticket for Yuma's burtai "Soleil".

That's all you missed ! :-D

Done with my Thesis and Leaving for Japan in 34 days.

Here is the news.

It's been more than one month since I had my last exemple who was my thesis's oral exam.
And it's been 2 weeks since I officialy know that I successfully passed my 1st year of graduate school.

I had hard time during this year, studying everyday even during holiday but I'm done with it.

I will leave for Japan as a Graduate School 2nd year student of Japanese language.

I already said it few months ago but my university will be : Toyo University.

I have to be in Japan on september 7th or 8th. I've chosen to arrive en september 7th only because flight were cheaper this day.

So I leave France on september 6th. My japanese friend and his dad will pick me up at Hanada and drive to the Toyo dormitory so I have nothing to worry about the day I arrive in Japan.

I will go in Paris this week and next week to do my Visa.

Somethings are worrying me : 1- I will not know the girl with who I will share my apartement in the dormitory untill I arrive in Japan. I'm a little be afraid we will not get along.

2- I don't know if it's because I had to read Japanese a lot for my thesis but since I'm in holiday I always listening to englisg music and watching video in english. I'm afraid for my Japanese when I will arrive in Japan.

3 - During my last year in Japan even though I had fun I didn't met people as much as I wanted to. So I'm kind of afraid people don't want to be friend with me this time too.

That's all for the news.

PS : I watched the last season of Degrassi and I'm kind of addicted with one of the cast member. *shit*

当選だ!!!Going to see HSJ in 100 days !

Okay ! Here is the full story !
My friend in Japan requested tickets for HSJ's concert "DEAR" since I'm in France and leaving for Japan on september 7 or 8 don't know yet.
I asked her to ask 3 performances and I got one !!!! I will see HSJ on Friday 7th October <3

It's almost impossible to have 2 performances with only one name so I'm so happy to at least had ONE <3

It will be my 13rd times with HSJ and more than one year since the last time I saw them (August 6th 2015).


100 DAYS TO GO !

Going to see Yuma's Musical !!!

「A NEW MUSICAL『クロスハート』」にお申込みいただき、ありがとうございました。





I won the ballot for Yuma's Musical !!!
Okay I need to explain ! I requested one ticket for the Live Version of Cross Heart and one ticket for the Musical Version.
Unfortunately I lost the ballot for the Live Version on november but I won for the Musical !!!
And I won my fist choice which is DECEMBER 11st at 1PM !!! MY 25th BIRTHDAY !!!!!

I will be with Yuma on my birthday !!! HAPPY ME !!!

4 years Today !!!

It's been 4 years today that I saw HSJ for the first time !!
I just can't believe it ! 4 years that I was like "OMG THERE ARE REAL" 4 years that I was able to have this fabulous handshake, that was able to say "ARIGATOU" while looking right in their eyes, 4 years that I realized my dream <3


PS : And one year today that I suddenly went to Yuma's concert with a beautiful arena seat. One year today that he talked to me during the show. One year today that this miracle happened.

MAY 3rd <3

Well, now I need to go back writing my thesis.


I'm accepted as an exchange student at Tôyô University in Tokyo for on year !!!
As you all know I'm now a 1st year student at Graduate School in France. I'm so glad to be able to go in Japan this time as an exchange student so I can have class with japanese people and on the top of that HAVE A SCHOLARSHIP !!
I will leave in september for ONE YEAR again. Don't know too much about it for the moment, I have a meeting for future exchange student in Japan on wednesday. :-D
Can't wait to share my johnny's aventure with you again !!!

I'm in YUMA's DVD !

I need to confess you something...
I'm in YUMA's DVD !

It means that you can see me in 3 DVD.
1/  Hey ! Say ! JUMP S3art Con'
2/ Johnny's West ippatsumeeeeeee

3/ YUMA's solo con'

Thank You for all the memories <3

Flashdance The Musical

Going to see Flashdance The Musical in Lille on may 7th !

Priscilla had the main role. ( Priscilla is a 26 years old girl who was famous when she was a 13 years old little girl, I bought one of its album at this time and my dream was to sing and dance on stage like her, well it's still my dream haha, recently thanks to Flashdance The musical and the french version of Dancing with the stars she became famous again )

It's an afternoon show so it's really easy for me to go back home safetly.

I wish I could see Panic ! At the disco in Paris at the end of may but you now since the event at Le Bataclan in november, it's not like... well.... It's been 2 years since I feel scared to go in Paris to see concerts and I don't think I will go again one day :-(
Can't wait to be back in Tokyo and be able to see all the concerts and stageplay I want to see.

Whatever, can't wait to see Flashdance !